Sometimes a Wild God - A3 poster


The poem Sometimes A Wild God takes a new form. An A3 poster with the full poem text by Tom Hirons, with illustrations by Rima Staines from the original book.

This first printing is produced on 100% recycled paper (Eco Kraft 170gsm, light brown) in England, by Footprint, a workers' co-op for Hedgespoken Press.

The print is A3 size (11.69"x 16.53"), with 3 beautiful black-and-white illustrations.

This poem has reached an incredible amount of people by word of mouth - if it moves you, please tell people and spread the word offline and on using the buttons below...

If you'd like to hear the poem, you can hear Tom reading it here:

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Tom says:

Thank you all for your continued comments and emails about this poem – I had no idea at all what was in store when I wrote it, only that the first line had been haunting me for months. Sometimes a Wild God has opened strange doors for me, and continues to have a life of its own. Something seems to have happened that is far beyond my understanding, and that is exactly as it should be. Poetry is a form of magic, and don’t let anyone tell you anything different. This word-spell will hopefully now reach more people than ever, and stray far beyond the internet.

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Note: We can send this poster out folded once across the middle, to keep postage costs down - sending it rolled in a tube is also an option at the checkout, but is a bit pricier at the Post Office, so maybe combine it with some books too or order a few posters at once to save money.

It does sometimes take a few days to get these dispatched, especially at busy times of year. If you need your order for a birthday or similar, let us know and we'll do our very best to get it to you in time...

ISBN: 978-0-9933656-1-4

You can read this poem and others at Tom's website, and find out more about Rima and her art at her own website.

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