Nettle-Eater - the audiobook (read by Tom Hirons)

Nettle-Eater - the audiobook (read by Tom Hirons)

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You were never more lost than you are now, if you cannot reach out, touch the wild earth and weep...

Living wild on Dartmoor, a man eats only nettles. His body disappears; he learns to fly. He encounters demigods and eloquent trees. He is Nettle-Eater, crooked, arrogant, self-proclaimed bastard of the moor. This is his testament. By the author of Sometimes a Wild God, also available from Hedgespoken Press.

Here is a short excerpt for you, in which our hero develops a changed relationship with Winter during his nettle-fast.

NOTE: this is the audiobook of Nettle-Eater, recorded in Devon by Tom in 2018. For the book, please look here. The audiobook is just over 25 minutes long - it's an mp3 download.

Nettle-Eater is a short, sharp prose-howl in the direction of genuine and magical wildness and an uncompromising love-letter to the wild places of Dartmoor. Hovering over the pages is the ghost of Milarepa, the Tibetan saint who - it is said - survived on a nettle-diet for seven years, achieved a powerful enlightenment and became Tibet's best-loved bad-kid-turned-good. Nettle-Eater is written to be read aloud as a prayer to the wild earth and a reminder to us mortals that our lives are short and on fire and that there is no better time to remember our essential nature than this instant, no better time to discard the masquerade of our civilised lives than now...