'The Storyteller' Advent Calendar

'The Storyteller' Advent Calendar

£10.00 GBP

Book Title 'The Storyteller' Advent Calendar
Type Calendar
Date Published May 17, 2018

This stunning advent calendar is a fresh creation from Hedgespoken's Rima Staines. It's a perfect Yuletide decoration and also a beautiful gift.

Behind each of the twenty-four doors, adorned with the golden threads of this storyteller’s advent tale, are symbols and objects from some of our best-loved folktales – can you guess which stories they are from? There's a beautiful prize if you can... See below for more details! Be warned, though – it's not going to be easy...

The Storyteller is printed in England on stout 450gsm FSC-certified silk card in full colour and measures just under A3 size 38.6 x 29.7cm (15.2" x 11.7") It will be delivered flat in a sturdy reinforced cardboard envelope.

(We've hidden what's behind the door in the preview image, of course – we don't want to spoil the surprise...)

This is the challenge we're running with the calendar, starting on Christmas Day 2018 (because you wouldn't want to open the windows before then, would you?)

The first person to correctly identify all the stories we were thinking of when we put the pictures behind the windows will win a signed full-size archive-quality giclée print of 'The Storyteller' (without the numbers or windows). Send us your order number and your answers and you could be in with a chance...

We'll put the answers up on the Hedgespoken website and in a newsletter when (if?) anyone manages to crack it! Good luck...

ps. Clues may follow in newsletters and on social media... Stay tuned!