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The Thing I Lack
£7.00 GBP £3.50 GBP
A print from an an oil painting on wood by Rima Staines - THE THING I LACK Printed on 100%...
The Unfathomable Language
£7.00 GBP £3.50 GBP
A print from an an oil painting by Rima Staines, painted in 2014 when pregnant with her son - THE...
Pilgrim Moon
£7.00 GBP £3.50 GBP
A print from an original watercolour painting by Rima Staines - PILGRIM MOON DETAILSPrinted on 100% recycled card-weight parchment-coloured paper...
Your Body is Your Country (original)
£840.00 GBP
An original oil painting on breadboard by Rima Staines. Inspired by the poem: The Sari by Moniza Alvi: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inside...
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Fish Egg (original)
£735.00 GBP
An original watercolour painting by Rima Staines. Inside a dreamlike egg, a young boy fishes into an ice-hole and hooks...
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Cello Sea Shanty (original)
£175.00 GBP
An original pastel sketch by Rima Staines. Measures 21cm x 30 cm. This price includes safe packaging and appropriate insurance....
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Bird Accordionist (original)
Sold Out
An original watercolour sketch by Rima Staines. A bird-masked folk-mummer plays the accordion. Measures 24cm x 17cm. This price includes...
The Old Woman of the Woods series (originals)
£485.00 GBP
Three original drawings in charcoal and pencil by Rima Staines. They depict the old woman of the woods of fairy...
The Castle of Melvales (original)
Sold Out
An original scratchboard drawing by Rima Staines. This is an illustration from Welsh Gypsy folktale The Castle of Melvales, one...
Wintersong (original)
£635.00 GBP
An original painting in inks by Rima Staines, framed in natural stained wood. A winter scene: a band of musicians...
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Breadboard Erzulie (original)
£600.00 GBP
An original oil painting on wood by Rima Staines, BREADBOARD ERZULIE. Here is the Black Madonna: ancient, holy, wide-hipped, dark-skinned,...
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Queen of Winter
£7.00 GBP £3.50 GBP
A print from an original painting in oils on birch by Rima Staines - QUEEN OF WINTER DETAILSPrinted on 100%...