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Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone (bundle of seven books)
£59.50 GBP £35.00 GBP
Seven extraordinary authors; seven beautiful books. Seven ways to approach the unapproachable; and seven keys to living within the mystery...
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Our Lady of the Dark Country
£13.00 GBP
Hedgespoken is delighted to stock a few copies of this remarkable book published by Wild Talewort - Sylvia and Rima...
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Tatterdemalion - 2021 paperback edition
£14.99 GBP
NEW PAPERBACK EDITION FOR 2021!The extraordinary post-apocalyptic novel written in response to Rima Staines' artwork, rooted deep in the folkloric traditions...
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Bull · Poppy · Star by Sylvia V. Linsteadt
£8.50 GBP
They danced garlanded in poppy, clematis, the spired asphodel. They danced the dark path, the spiraled way to the black...
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