Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone

Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone

Seven extraordinary authors, seven beautiful books. Seven ways to approach the unapproachable and speak about the unspeakable.

We're delighted to introduce seven astonishing new books from Hedgespoken Press. Eight accomplished authors and artists have come together to contribute to this series, the most audacious book-project yet that we've undertaken.


The titles in the series are:

TWILIGHT – Jay Griffiths
BLACK HAT – Tom Hirons
WHEN I WAS FURTHEST FROM WATER – Joanna Hruby (with photography by Michaela Meadow)
BULL · POPPY · STAR – Sylvia V. Linsteadt

The seven titles are available singly (click on the titles for more information and to place orders) and as a collectors’ limited edition boxed set as well as a book-lovers’ bundle of all seven books.

The series includes poetry, non-fiction, artwork, photography, short stories, prayers and riddles - each piece plays a part in describing, enacting or circumlocuting an area of psychic reality and mythic space-time in which story, land, self and other become less-than-many and describe one another in familiar, intimate ways.

Or, in plainer English, all the pieces wrap around each other and in a big, beautiful tangle, say:

Look - the world is complicated and alive. But, there's a space just HERE where all the paradoxes and contradictions make, if not sense, then at least a more harmonious music.

The nature of that space is difficult to speak about. Somewhere in the relationship between the sacred and the profane, between passion and tenderness, between myth and riddle, the personal and the universal, between complexity and simplicity, and dancing in the dusk-lit areas of the psyche and the cosmos - somewhere in there, that's the space I think we're talking about. Read the books - tell us if you agree and what we might bring back from a picnic or pilgrimage to that space. Some of the images in these books have lived there for a long, long time.

The books are printed by Calverts in London again, the printer we've used for SOMETIMES A WILD GOD and THE FIREBIRD. The paper is 100% recycled and the inks are veg-based. The covers are coloured card, printed with SILVER ink.

Click on the images below to see more about each title and collection.

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Black Hat by Tom Hirons
Sold Out
All of Tom’s work is now available via his new venture - Feral Angels Press
When I Was Furthest from Water by Joanna Hruby (with photography by Michaela Meadow)
Sold Out
1.I’ve always been here,On an island.Inside a veil of cicada drone.With the smell of wild fennel,And honey-coloured dirt at my...
Nine Praise Riddles by Rima Staines
Sold Out
All of Rima’s work is now available in her new shop which you can find here!
Seven Little Tales by Terri Windling
Sold Out
“Once there was an oak child so young he was little more than a twig. He lived by a stream...
Tom Hirons book collection bundle
Sold Out
All of Tom’s work is now available via his new venture - Feral Angels Press