Tom Hirons

Tom Hirons

Generally furious about the brutalised world, Tom has tried various approaches to doing something about it. These days, Hedgespoken travelling storytelling theatre and Hedgespoken Press are his main focus, an elliptical approach to changing the world, blessed with plenty of Trickster and a good helping of unfathomable magic, in between trying to be a decent father. See the Hedgespoken website for more about what he and Rima are up to with storytelling and enchantment.

Sometimes a Wild God has been an international poetry phenomenon. You can read more about it (as well as lots of Tom’s other writing) on Tom’s website here.

Tom's work has appeared in the Dark Mountain books, some in the Earth First! Journal and some in EarthLines magazine. Check all of those out – there’s good things to be found.

Essentially a cheerful fellow driven to fury by our circumstances, Tom is calmed most effectively by walking on Dartmoor, by sleeping in the deep greenwood and by the sound of true words spoken. Tom lives with Rima and their two young sons in South Devon, sometimes in a truck, sometimes in a house. Always close to the hedge.

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Sometimes a Wild God - the book
£6.50 GBP £4.88 GBP
Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.He is awkward and does not know the ways Of porcelain, of fork...
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Nettle-Eater - the 2020 edition
£6.50 GBP £4.88 GBP
You were never more lost than you are now, if you cannot reach out, touch the wild earth and weep......
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Tom Hirons book collection bundle
£27.00 GBP £20.00 GBP
Get all four of Tom Hirons' pocket-sized books for Hedgespoken Press so far and save over 20%: - Sometimes a...
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Falconer's Joy - five poems [AWAITING STOCK]
£6.50 GBP £4.88 GBP
PLEASE NOTE - we're waiting for the next edition of Falconer’s Joy to arrive from the printers now. Orders for...
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Black Hat by Tom Hirons
£7.50 GBP £3.75 GBP
‘When I approached you from the South,’ he said, ‘I was young. I was giddy as a mayfly and, though...
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Sometimes a Wild God - A3 poster
£10.00 GBP £7.50 GBP
The poem Sometimes A Wild God as an A3 poster with the full poem text by Tom Hirons, with three illustrations...
The Firebird - full-colour book
£12.50 GBP £9.38 GBP
In a certain kingdom, where the mulberries grow as big as apples and the apricots are sweeter than honey, there...
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Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone (bundle of seven books)
£52.50 GBP £26.25 GBP
Seven extraordinary authors; seven beautiful books. Seven ways to approach the unapproachable; and seven keys to living within the mystery...
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Hedgespoken Press FREE Bookshop Gift Pack
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There’s no doubting that we are in strange times. At Hedgespoken Press, we’ve been thinking of some ways that we...
Sometimes a Wild God - the book AND postcard set
£26.50 GBP £22.50 GBP
Get the litho-printed chapbook of Tom Hirons' widely-loved poem, Sometimes a Wild God, plus the set of seven postcards of...
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Hedgespoken Press Poetry bundle
£43.00 GBP £35.00 GBP
All six books of poetry that we currently publish, in one bundle for your convenience and saving!PLEASE NOTE - we're...
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