The 2022 Hedgespoken Samhain Super-Sale

The 2022 Hedgespoken Samhain Super-Sale

Here in south Devon, Autumn is rushing in. It feels like the world beyond this rural bubble is unravelling in ever-greater spirals and even here the bite of 2022's strangeness is strong.

Times are hard for almost everyone, it seems, and for all that we count our blessings, there's no denying the harsh realities of rising prices, scarce housing, the chaos our country is in and the tumultuous horrors of our times.

Hedgespoken Press is struggling to stay afloat. It's a hard sentence to write. We are proud of what we do, what we make in both word and image, and we hold fast to our principles of beautiful production and our commitment to using recycled papers, to workers' co-ops in the UK for our printing, to bringing you the very best that we can do.

But, we need more sales. There are beautiful works in progress soon to come to you, but if we don't put some more money in the bank, it's hard to see how we can make it through this winter, both as a business and as artists and writers.

Our wish is always to bring you the soul-rich goodness. Samhain is a time for shedding and honouring what's been, for making offerings to the spirits and for feasting and celebrating the Summer now past as we prepare for Winter.

To that end, we're running our biggest sale yet. Much of our stock of prints and books has a 75% discount, with almost everything of our best-sellers at 40% off or more. It's an extreme sale, for extreme times. 

We hope you'll find something to savour on the Samhain feasting table - know that every penny goes towards keeping this ship afloat and increases the chances of more beautiful offerings in the months to come.

Thanks, as always, for your continuing support and appreciation. Spread the word!!

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When I Was Furthest from Water by Joanna Hruby (with photography by Michaela Meadow)
Sold Out
1.I’ve always been here,On an island.Inside a veil of cicada drone.With the smell of wild fennel,And honey-coloured dirt at my...