Welcome to the Hedgespoken shop

Welcome to the Hedgespoken shop - here we have books from Hedgespoken Press and tickets for Hedgespoken events.

Hedgespoken Press is the printed-word arm of Hedgespoken, a travelling off-grid storytelling and theatre project run by Tom Hirons and Rima Staines from a 1960's Bedford lorry, currently in the last stages of its conversion. We make beautiful things from the margins. From small beginnings, we hope to make producing books an integral part of our project. We believe in the magic of the written word, and of precious things passed from hand to hand. Our books are made to last, to fit into pockets and rucksacks and travelling homes, and they're printed on recycled papers by a workers' co-op in the UK. We also believe in making things as affordable as we can.

We take payments via card and PayPal. If you have a discount code, enter it right at the end of the checkout process. If you're a bookshop wishing to order copies, get in touch via phone or email. 

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